Audition Success

I first came to Celia when I needed help preparing for auditions. Her vocal warmups and technique were new to me but very helpful. I was hoarse before my auditions and her warmups helped me lighten and brighten my voice so that the sickness was barely noticeable! She helped me prepare for jazz and classical voice auditions, and because of her care and meticulous attention to technique I was able to get both of them! Celia is a great musician who will surely put in all of her effort to help you achieve your singing goals. – Talia Khan, MIT Student

Worked her Magic
I am a singer-songwriter. When I started working with Celia, I realized that the reason why my voice would sometimes break or the pitch flutter –for a few of my songs– was that I had written sections of those songs in the passaggio area of my vocal range. Instead of transposing the songs, I decided to strengthen my vocal muscles and be authentic to the songs. Celia did her magic and now I can sing clearly in my passaggio area. Her accurate observation of how my voice works and her focused exercises allowed me to push my head voice down and pull my chest voice up. I’ve also learned effective techniques for warming up my voice and further extending the range. I highly recommend her! –Shawn Zahedi
kristin (1)


Fast Improvement
I’ve only had just a handful of lessons so far; but I’ve already seen improvement in my voice! I started up lessons to run through tracks before my performance. I definitely gained some confidence while going to Celia. The performance seemed so natural and I was just ready for it. –Kristin Moura


Technique Transformation 
Excellent teacher! The technique she uses will transform your voice. She’s kind and patient and all around great person to work with and learn from. –Sheryl Altman


Confidence Regained Austin
Before I started working with Celia, I had major doubts as to whether I’d ever be able to sing and perform again the way I used to. I’d suffered through some vocal health concerns and because of those, my confidence was shaken and this showed in my performances.

Now, after just a few months, I can not only practice and perform at a high level once again, but my endurance has improved, and I’m now able to quickly learn songs that I never even would have attempted before. Celia has been great at working with me regularly on new techniques, giving me clear instructions for for practicing in between lessons, and most importantly, applying those techniques to my repertoire. I’m amazed at what has been accomplished in just six months!   – Austin Klipp


Realized her Dream339227_2528308962505_281212045_o
I was connected with Celia through a friend who knew I was interested in beginning voice lessons, and I am so grateful to have been able to work with her!  While I had a musical background, I had never ventured into voice and was nervous to be treading into new territory, but Celia had me feel very at ease as we worked on strengthening my voice and technique, which improved tremendously as did my range and my confidence.  I was able to realize my dream of singing in front of people and was met with a slew of compliments and disbelief that I had only been working with her for four months!  I’m forever grateful for Celia’s training and guidance. –Kristen Meade

ETTB-RR-Portrait-RGB-8x10-logoVocal Range Immediately Improved

I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for me. It’s like I’ve grown a third arm or something! I feel such limitless possibilities for my voice, now, where there were only limited prospects for me before. I was born with a cleft palate and lip in 1949 and had had a procedure done on my hard palate that necessitated the removal of my uvula. In addition I also have a fissure running down the roof of my mouth.  I didn’t want to go to a voice teacher because I was afraid that I’d find out that the “correct” method of singing couldn’t work for me. Much to my surprise, within one hour of working with Celia, I felt strength in all parts of my voice. Singing became much more effortless and my vocal range immediately improved. I am a professional singer and I notice at gigs now that notes that were difficult to reach are easy now and notes I couldn’t reach before, I now can. At the age of 65, I have a new lease on my professional life and I feel I can potentially do anything as a singer. What you’ve given me is priceless!- Cynthia Lyon, Eight to the Bar

Singing in a Rock BandLily Black

We love Celia! My daughter Lilly has been working with Celia for almost three years. During that time, her voice has developed so beautifully. She has gained a great deal of confidence and stage presence. Lilly is a rocker and we are amazed at the stuff she belts out! Celia stresses vocal health, which I love. She prepares Lilly for every performance and encourages her to reach out side of her comfort zone.  Recently, Lilly fulfilled her dream of being in a band! She is the lead singer of Lily Black and has had multiple performances at local area bars. Celia  is a caring and talented mentor for Lilly. We feel so lucky we found her! – Erica Harris, Lilly Senna’s Mother


Hanna1Performing Again after Vocal Cord Damage

Before seeing Celia my vocal cords had a lot of damage and weakness due to GERD and other GI issues.  I thought singing just wasn’t an option for me anymore.  After a few months of working with Celia, I got my strength back, a good chunk of my upper register, and am performing!  I finally feel like “me” again thanks to the great technique drills she runs me through each lesson and her wonderful support. – Hanna Rose Alex

Problems with Hoarseness Now Under Control

Emily’s singing and her confidence as a performer have  come such a long way under Celia’s guidance!  With Celia’s help,  Emily increased her range and also learned to keep her voice healthy and strong. Celia’s emphasis on technique and vocal hygiene brought Emily’s former problems with hoarseness under control, and she is now able to sustain her voice through weeks of rehearsals and performances. We thank Celia for lessons in voice care that will last a life time! – Debbie Henry, mother of Emily Henry

DSC_1098_pp (3) (2)Developed More Confidence in Performing

Celia has been my singing teacher for several years and over the course of that time my voice has continued to improve, and I have developed much more confidence in performing.  My voice has become stronger, and I have developed a wider range and improved my pitch.  She also offers “singer showcases,” where she provides opportunities to perform.  At these venues I have had numerous experiences of performing in front of people which have been invaluable in developing my stage presence.  Most importantly Celia offers support, encouragement, and belief, the intangibles which make her a great teacher. – Leni Webber

Gained the Stamina to Sing through Long Gigs

I came to Celia looking for some help getting through long gigs. I’d feel vocally worn-out after a regular three or four hour performance with my band. As a result of working with Celia and learning the Somatic method, I’ve been able to greatly increase my stamina and comfort level while singing all night. I can now get through a four hour (or longer) show, whether I’m playing and singing or just fronting a band, and still feel good afterward. I’ve even been able to master some tunes I never thought I could sing! – Davina Yannetty

Started Singing on her Piano Gigs

Celia gave me the confidence to sing professionally on my piano gigs. She has a way of making her students feel comfortable while they learn. Her techniques for strengthening the voice are amazing and they work! – Jane Potter, Musician & Professor, Berklee College of Music

Getting Cast in Musical Theater

My now 12 year old daughter has been working with Celia for over a year and has developed an amazing voice and presence. She was accepted into the youth ensemble at the Turtle Lane Playhouse in the fall of 2011 with much more experienced performers and also got a large role in a local production of “Annie.” She has come so much further than I could have imagined all thanks to Celia. Not only has Celia fostered a huge development in my daughter’s abilities, she has also been a devoted and caring mentor, often going the extra mile to help my daughter with her endeavors. We hope to be lucky enough to work with her for years. –Deborah Rosenblum

Improvements After Just One Lessonbelen
I noticed improvements in my voice after just my first lesson with Celia – not only in how I sounded but also in how I felt singing. Singing felt more effortless and enjoyable. – Belén Cusi



Learned to Care for her Voice as an InstrumentGretchensoloshotbyNoah

As a professional blues singer, I gig often and need my voice to be in optimal condition. In my work with Celia, I have learned about proper care for my voice as an instrument. We have worked on strengthening my range as well as being able to blend my head and chest voices. As a result, I have heard improvement in my range, I sound stronger than ever, and I don’t feel vocal fatigue if doing multiple shows back to back. –Gretchen Bostrom, Lead Singer, The Juke Joint 5

Noticeable Difference in Vocal Range
Highly recommended for the serious student. My teen had been singing for many years and trained with others before beginning with Celia two years ago. The exercises and instruction have made a noticeable difference in vocal range and we could not be happier. Celia is great, going with the flow of different music genres and the studio also has excellent performance opportunities for those who take advantage of them.
-Pauline Flanagan

photo_79909_20120707A Life-changing Decision

Two decisions that I made after coming to the US have changed my life forever – one, I enrolled at the American Dance Festival, and two, I came to your studio. In the past two years the singing lessons have been an important part of my life. You are a great instructor and thanks to your lessons I have been able to make the progress that I made. When I’m in the studio you have created an environment with your kindness and acceptance which I deeply appreciate. I will be keeping those memories with me as I work my way out to become a mature performer and professional. – Yiting Chen

A Rewarding and Fulfilling Experience 
Celia brings a compassionate eye and a flexible mind to the process of vocal instruction, allowing for a satisfying experience for the professional singer with a schedule that might seem too full to accommodate voice lessons. Precise, targeted exercises allow for an efficient use of both student and instructor’s time, and provide decisive results even after only a handful of lessons.
I have had excellent results working with Celia. Over the past couple of years it has been rewarding and fulfilling to watch both head voice and mix slowly blossom and become stronger and more equal players in my voice as a whole. I would strongly recommend her to vocalists at any and all levels.
Adam Farouk, Newton, MA