Jeanie Lovetri, creator of Somatic Voicework(tm) the Lovetri Method

Jeanie Lovetri, creator of Somatic Voicework(tm)

Intro Voice Workshop: Sing Better with SVW!*

(* Somatic Voicework™ (The Lovetri Method) is a state-of-the-art vocal technique specifically designed for contemporary styles.)

A strong, healthy instrument is the foundation for singing freely and expressively in any style.  This half-day workshop  will give you an overview of voice function (ie; how the voice actually works) and tools you can immediately use to improve your performance. Through individual and group exercises and coaching, you’ll discover:

  •             The  muscles used in singing, and how to train them to work at peak efficiency
  •             How to sing in chest, head, and “mix” registers, and how to “belt” safely;
  •             How to improve your breath support;
  •             How to make your sound fit your musical style;
  •             How to bring more authentic expression into your voice.

 And much more!

Where: Davis Square, Somerville, MA (directions will be sent when you register)

When: Sunday, September 13, 2015

Cost: $75