Who You Are

You (or your child) love to sing.  Maybe you perform in your school choir or musical theater, or you think you might want to prepare for a music career.  You want to find out how good you can be.  If you’re a parent, you want to encourage your child in something they’re passionate about, and make sure they get a good foundation.

What Your Issues Tend to Be

You don’t have much control over your voice, and you don’t know what you should be doing to develop it.  Maybe you want to audition for musical theater but don’t have the repertoire and are not sure how to conduct yourself in an audition.  Or you would like to write songs or sing with a band but have no idea how to get started.  You might have found yourself getting hoarse while rehearsing or performing in a show, and you wonder what you might be doing wrong.

What You Need Most Right Now

You need to build a solid foundation in vocal technique that will put you on the right path for whatever musical path you decide to pursue.  You should clear up any vocal health issues and gain a basic understanding of how to take care of your voice that can serve you for years to come.  You want to take advantage of as many opportunities as you can to get experience and coaching in your performance skills so that you have an advantage when it comes to auditions or applying to a music or performing arts school.  At this stage, you shouldn’t limit yourself with regards to style but should build a versatile repertoire so that you have choices.

What Program You’ll Thrive In

Regular weekly lessons will give you a foundation in vocal technique while encouraging a discipline of practice and building a repertoire.  Performing in a studio showcase will help to build up your performance skills and give your family and friends a chance to see you shine on stage!