Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Coaching

  • Do you ever feel panicked before you have to give a presentation?
  • Are you confused about what you should do to prepare?
  • Do you worry that your voice or body language will undermine your speech, rather than enhance it?
  • Are you afraid you’ll forget your important points?
  • Do you wish you could just communicate freely and confidently?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’re not alone! Public speaking is often rated as the #1 fear of Americans — over and above the fear of snakes, heights, or drowning!

Who You Are:

You are a busy professional and your success depends upon giving presentations, but you dread them because they don’t always turn out as well as would like.

What Your Issues Tend to Be

You’re not really sure what you should be doing to prepare for your speech.  Maybe sometimes during the speech you get lost and forget what you were going to say. Or your voice doesn’t project the way you would like it to. You feel like you want to really connect with your audience, but you get nervous when you look out at them.  And sometimes your stagefright kicks in and you sweat like crazy, shake, say “um” too many times, or fidget.

What You Need to Do Most Right Now:

You need some voice coaching to learn to project your voice without strain, keep a good rate, and articulate clearly so that people can understand you without effort.  You should also learn to vary your tone and use pauses effectively in order to engage your audience.

You need objective help evaluating your delivery style to see what nonverbal habits might be undercutting your message.  These habits might include poor posture, avoiding eye contact, fidgeting, etc.  You’ll need to practice strategies to minimize these distractions.

You may need to learn some strategies to prepare and organize for your presentations, including  narrowing down your main points, preparing a powerful introduction, and using stories effectively.  You might also need some advice on how to develop fool-proof notes and effective practice techniques.

Finally, you should learn some time-honored strategies used by speakers, performers and athletes to manage your stagefright and make it power your performance, not sabotage it!

Luckily, there are specific skills and strategies that you can master to prepare, practice, and deliver your presentations confidently and effectively!

I’ll help you:

  • Organize your main points for clarity and effectiveness;
  • Learn simple techniques to project your voice without strain and speak clearly and expressively so that you command attention;
  • Control your non-verbal communication to project confidence and charisma and eliminate distractions;
  • Learn techniques used by professional performers and athletes to use your stagefright to power performance – not sabotage it;
  • And much, much more!
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Celia Slattery, MA a professional singer, voice and speech coach with over thirty years experience.  She coaches speakers and singers in her private studio, as well as providing onsite coaching at academic and corporate venues such as Harvard Design School and Biogen Idec. She is also an adjunct professor in the Theater and Communications Department at Salem State University.  For more info about Celia’s background click here.