Who You Are

You are currently gigging as a singer, singer-songwriter, are in a band, or performing in musical theater.  You know you’re good, but feel that you could sound even better.  You’re concerned about stamina and maintaining vocal health performing or touring.  You wish you knew enough about vocal technique to keep your voice in consistently good shape.

What Your Issues Tend to Be

You’re not in complete control of your voice and you don’t have an effective practice regime.  You sound great sometimes but other times you have problems with your high or low notes or in the break.  Sometimes your voice may get fatigued or you have problems maintaining your singing through colds or allergies.  Perhaps you have a big audition, show or recording session coming up and you need help, fast!

What You Most Need Right Now

You need to get in control of your vocal technique and build a solid practice routine that will keep you in shape, consistently.  You should have a basic understanding of how the voice works and how to keep it healthy so that you can weather the demands of long gigs, extended runs, and touring.  It would be great to have someone who knows your voice to check in with when issues come up. 

Additionally, you might benefit from performance coaching to bring out your unique voice and style and take your singing from good to “standout.” You might also want advice to navigate the twists and turns of your performing career.