Who You Are

You want to sing jazz, pop, musical theater, or original songs.  You are passionate about singing and you think you have talent, but you lack confidence in your singing because sometimes your voice doesn’t do what you want it to.  It’s holding you back from doing what you love, whether singing with friends or pursuing a music career.

What Your Issues Tend to Be

You’re not in control of your voice — sometimes it cracks, wiggles, wobbles, goes out of tune, or you have trouble with your high (or low) notes.  Maybe you’re worried because you get fatigued after a short time, or you have had vocal health problems and you’re not sure you can recover.  Or maybe you’re confused because you’ve studied with a classical teacher who told you you shouldn’t “belt.”  You want to sing correctly but you want to sound like yourself – not like an opera star!

What You Need Most Right Now

Your primary focus should be on getting a solid grounding in vocal technique to build a strong, flexible instrument that you can count on.   As your singing becomes more consistent and you build up your repertoire, you need to increase your confidence and performance skills by singing to an audience in a supportive setting.  If you’re planning on pursuing a professional career, you need an action plan which might include: learning about the music business, creating promotional materials, booking and marketing, and audition techniques.

The Program You’ll Thrive In

Regular weekly lessons will give you the consistency you need to quickly improve your vocal technique and build up your repertoire.  Participating in a studio showcase will give you invaluable experience performing on stage with a professional accompanist (or accompanying yourself).