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Are you passionate about singing?

Do you want to sing better, consistently?

Are you ready to study an effective technique with an experienced teacher who gets results?


Who You Are:

If you are an Aspiring Singer: You are passionate about your voice and you think you have talent, but you lack confidence in your singing because sometimes your voice doesn’t do what you want it to.  It’s holding you back from doing what you love, whether singing with friends or pursuing a musical career….(find out more)

If you are a Student Singer (teens/tweens): You (or your child) perform in your school’s choir or musical theater shows, or you want to prepare for a music career.  You want to get a good foundation and see how good you can be….(find out more)

If you are a Professional Singer: You are currently gigging as a singer/songwriter, are in a band, or performing in musical theater.  You know you’re good, but feel that you could sound even better.  You’re concerned about stamina and maintaining vocal health on the road.  You wish you knew enough about vocal technique to keep your voice consistently in good shape….(find out more)

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Do you want to become a better singer?
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