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Do you want to sing better, consistently?

Are you confused about what you should be doing with your voice?

Are you ready to study an effective technique with an experienced teacher who gets results?

Who You Are:

If you are an Aspiring Singer: You are passionate about your voice and you think you have talent, but you lack confidence in your singing because sometimes your voice doesn’t do what you want it to.  It’s holding you back from doing what you love, whether singing with friends or pursuing a musical career….(find out more)

If you are a Student Singer (teens/tweens): You (or your child) perform in your school’s choir or musical theater shows, or you want to prepare for a music career.  You want to get a good foundation and see how good you can be….(find out more)

If you are a Professional Singer: You are currently gigging as a singer/songwriter, are in a band, or performing in musical theater.  You know you’re good, but feel that you could sound even better.  You’re concerned about stamina and maintaining vocal health on the road.  You wish you knew enough about vocal technique to keep your voice consistently in good shape….(find out more)

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Learn Somatic Voicework(tm) the Lovetri Method

A healthy, functional instrument is the foundation that allows you to express your unique voice and sing freely in whatever style you want. Celia is certified in Somatic Voicework(tm) – a state-of-the-art technique now being taught in some of the top music schools in the country. SVW combines the best in traditional classical methods with the most-up-to-date research in Voice Science and Medicine, and it is specifically designed for contemporary styles.

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Performance Skills

Take your singing from the studio to the stage! Celia offers unique coaching, workshop and showcase opportunities. Learn how to become a more expressive singer, choose repertoire that makes you shine, and cultivate a signature style. Performance workshops give you practice working with an accompanist, engaging your audience, and managing stage fright. Opportunities to showcase at venues such as Ryles Jazz Club and Johnny D’s give you the experience you need to jump start your career.

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Artist Development

Build your career by learning how to navigate your musical path within the music business. Celia offers workshops and personalized coaching to help you identify your unique style and gifts and use them to develop your own niche. She will work with you to create effective promotional materials that will put your best foot forward and she’ll help you to set goals and overcome obstacles that come up along the way.

To work with Celia in person or by Skype:
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Celia Slattery Voice & Performance Studio

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