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  • Do you want to learn to project your voice better, and protect it from hoarseness and fatigue?

  • Are you worried that your body language might be detracting from your message — instead of enhancing it?

  • Do you just wish public speaking felt easier?

The Public Speaking Toolboxes  give you the skills you need to deliver polished, professional and powerful presentations that can enhance your reputation and boost your career. Choose from one of the packages below or contact us  for a free “get-acquainted call” to assess your needs and design a program to meet your goals!

The Art of the Elevator Pitch

Prepare for effective networking by preparing a memorable elevator pitch – a statement describing your business or services that can be given in the time it takes to ride an elevator (between 30 seconds and one minute).  It should be adaptable to different audiences and must be clear, concise and persuasive.  You’ll want to be able to deliver it with a strong and expressive voice, good posture, and eye contact, without coming across as sales-y.  We’ll accomplish this together in two one-hour sessions.

Speech Preparation Made Simple

Whether giving presentations is part of your job, or you’re trying to build your own business by speaking in front of groups, effective public speaking is a key to success.  In this super-charged program, you’ll master the steps of planning, preparing and practicing your talk, and you’ll learn how to give a polished delivery.  You’ll come away with a finished speech you can give over and over, as well as handouts and templates to use on future speeches.  We’ll accomplish this in four one-hour sessions, with some homework done in between.

Polish your Delivery Skills

In this program, we’ll take an in-depth look at how you are coming across both verbally and non-verbally in a public speaking setting.  You’ll learn to avoid vocal fillers, project your voice better and speak with more clarity and expression.  You’ll build confidence and charisma, and learn to connect powerfully with an audience through the art of nonverbal communication.  You’ll come away with practical exercises and tools that you can use to manage stage fright and enhance poise, as well as a personalized vocal warm-up CD or MP3.

Public Speaking Toolboxes