If you are an Actor, Broadcaster, Voice-Over Artist, Teacher, Lawyer, or anyone who speaks for a living: you are a voice professional!


  • Does your voice ever get tired or hoarse after speaking?

  • Do you wish that you could project with more ease?

  • Would you like a more expressive voice?

Celia can help you to:

  • Learn to project without strain,

  • Protect your vocal health (even if you have had problems in the past),

  • Improve your articulation (so that you can be understood),

  • Develop a more expressive voice so that you can mesmerize your audience,

  • Enhance your non-verbal performance skills

Contact us at info@celiaslattery.com to find out how we can help!

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Celia has recently teamed up with Andrea Spector, marketing expert, to offer presence and presentation trainings for businesses and corporations.  Click here for more information.