I  found the course to be life changing. I had long hesitated to write my own songs because of fear I would write something bad. By taking this course, I was able to break out of my writing shell, gain confidence, and complete a number of songs I will perform with my band or solo. It offers a safe and intimate place to share your music and get a lot of moral support, as well as constructive criticism and feedback which will help you to make your writing even better.  ~ Gretchen Bostrom, blues singer

Songwriting even smallerFor beginners or those who’ve been writing for a while but want to get more technical skills and constructive feedback on their writing.

We’ll cover the basics of:


  • Song structure: learn the most popular forms and why they work
  • The “hook:” how to find one and build a song around it
  • Overcoming writer’s block: tricks to get your creativity flowing
  • Rhythm & Rhyme: using them effectively
  • Melody: how to create a memorable one that underscores your lyrics
  • And more!

This six-month course takes you through the various stages of writing a song and gives you plenty of personalized feedback.  You will receive a new module every two weeks with assignments to complete and return via email, and there will be a bi-weekly Q & A call to help keep you on track.

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