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A One-Woman Show about
Growing up in the 60's and 70's

Not a play, not a concert, not your grandmother's cabaret: Moving Target is a love child of 60's folk/rock and theater. Written by Boston area singer and actress Celia Slattery, directed by Bill Castellino, and featuring accompanist and music director Mark Shilansky, the show features original music along with classics from the 60's and 70's. The songs, by artists like Joni Mitchell, the Beatles, and Bob Dylan, are woven together with monologues to tell the moving and often hilarious experiences of a young woman finding herself during America's Age of Aquarius. Moving Target
celebrates sixties idealism while dealing honestly with the pain and struggle inherent in an era of change. Along the way, it pokes fun at the mistakes and foibles of the generation that brought you the antiwar and civil rights movements, as well as the social experimentation that turned a society on its head. Moving Target's themes of peace, unity, and finding courage and strength in challenging times, resonate now more than ever.

Director Bill Castellino has directed, choreographed and written countless musicals, dramas, and concerts, including national tours for Jolsen, Chess, Heartbeats, and Les Miserables. His awards include Chicago's Jefferson Award, four L.A. Weekly Awards, the San Diego Critics Circle Award, and eight Drama Logue awards. Bill is best known to Boston audiences for the Reagen-era satire, Rap Master Ronnie, and recently directed the new musical Lizzie Borden at the Goodspeed Opera House.

Moving Target is enhanced by the piano artistry of Mark Shilansky. Mark has been featured as a composer, arranger, and pianist with such artists as Grammy-nominated singer Luciana Souza, and jazz greats Clark Terry, Phil Woods, and Kenny Wheeler. He holds an M.M. in Jazz Studies from New England Conservatory, and has released three CDs of jazz and pop tunes. For more info about Mark, see his website.

Moving Target has been presented at schools, theaters, and festivals including: First Night Boston 2004, the Montreal Fringe Festival,and the Cabaret Connection at Blacksmith House.
Slattery, accompanied by key- boardist Mark Shilansk, takes you along for her ride through good times and bad, through naivete and anger, in a pop-cabaret setting.
Jim Sullivan, Boston Globe
....Celia Slattery offers a woman's perspectives on life's truths in her solo act....
Terry Byrne, The Boston Herald
...a one-woman 'Hair'
Carly Carioli, The Boston Phoenix