Washed Up Middle Aged Wise Woman Blues (lyrics and video)

Watch me perform this song in the video below. This was filmed on September 26th at Ryles Jazz Club.


Well don’t you toss me out like a pair of last year’s shoes

And don’t you tune me out like yesterday’s bad news

I’ve got those Washed-up Middle-aged Wise Woman Blues.


I’ve got some lines on my face and gravity’s taken it’s toll

But there’s no sell-by date on this body or this soul

Why buy a brand new Ford when you can drive a classic Rolls?


I’m the greatest mother, and a perfect lover

Household manager, chief officer,

Counselor and kid chauffeur.

And I can sing the blues just as good as any girl.

With skills like these, I should run the world!


So hold on to me like a pair of Jimmy Choo’s

Hear me out like you do your cable news

No more Washed-up, Middle-aged Wise Woman

Over the hill, still wild woman

Washed-up Middle-aged Wise Woman Blues.


copyright Celia Slattery 2013