For professional or aspiring CCM singers

(Contemporary Commercial Music: ie., Jazz, Pop, Singer-Songwriter, Musical Theater, cabaret, etc.)


What: Workshop with Celia Slattery


When: January 29 1:00 – 4:00 PM


Where: Celia Slattery Voice and Performance Studio, Davis Square, Somerville


Price: $50 ($40/studio members)


Whether you’re already singing professionally and want to expand your career, or you’ve just caught the performing bug and have no idea how to get started, this workshop will give you an overview of the music business and help you to create a road map to navigate it.


I’ve been involved with the music business for over 30 years.  Along the way I’ve achieved many of my goals: created and toured a one-woman show, performed at some of the top clubs in the country, entertained at hundreds of events, sang overseas in a five star hotel, and produced two CDs.  I’ve also made many costly and time-wasting mistakes, and maybe I can help you avoid some of those.


In this age of digital recording, internet marketing and with the economy in a downturn, the opportunities in the music business are in flux.  We have to be smart and adapt to the changes. In addition to my practical experience, I’ll share the latest tips and ideas I’ve learned from attending national music conferences and consulting with top experts in the industry.


In this hands-on workshop, we’ll look at some of the paths available for building a music career, including commercial work (such as weddings and corporate parties), creating a fan base, recording and selling your music, and touring.  We’ll discuss how to find your unique niche, and a model for creating multiple streams of music income.  We’ll look at what marketing materials are necessary, and you will receive feedback on any materials you are already using.  Finally, you’ll have an opportunity to assess where you are on your musical journey, set individual goals, and plan some action steps to take.


The workshop is geared towards professional singers, aspiring professionals, and anyone who is just looking for more opportunities to sing and perform.