As a singer I’ve played many roles throughout my career: featured entertainer at private and corporate events, headliner at intimate jazz clubs; recording artist with original music, creator and star of my own one-woman shows at theaters and festivals.

Each artist brings their own perspective to the vast songbook of jazz, pop and folk-rock. Mine comes from passion, personal history and creative experimentation – and that’s what I bring to my shows.

First and foremost, I have a passion for well-crafted songs in any genre and I love sharing that with my audiences.

My personal history as a young folksinger growing up in the 60’s gives me the chance to bring those songs alive musically, historically, and politically for both the audience members who lived those times – and the younger generation who don’t – yet know the power that historical context brings to the music.

Bursting with a timeless pop sound, the songs communicate the emotions behind them.  Angela Diaz, Grass Valley Union

My jazz and performance studies at New England Conservatory taught me to lead a band, feature the instrumentalists and enhance my ability to personalize each song by adding elements of vocal jazz. Combined with my theater training, that expanded my ability to bring the emotions of each song alive – and emotion is the foundation of any great show.

Slattery proves that she’s not only a powerhouse performer, but a titan in the songwriting department as well. Her songs all emanate from a place close to her heart while she makes them universally accessible to all who listen. Doug Sloan, Metronome Magazine.

My own songwriting is inspired by the great composers I perform: from Gershwin and Cole Porter to Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen. I approach each song as a craftsman, marrying my own individual experience with the power of classic song forms to bring forward universal truths about the things that are important to me: love, friendship, and the power of hope in trying times.

Do you grapple with how to stay relevant in middle age and/or in your relationships? Pick up a thing or three from Somerville-based singer-songwriter Celia Slattery, who deals with these subjects in her jazz and folk-rock music. June Wulff, Boston Globe.

The common thread is the power of sharing music and how it lights up an audience, illuminates a moment in time and creates connection.

First Ladies of Jazz & Pop

A One-Woman Musical Retrospective

Theaters, festivals, conferences & guest entertainer on cruise ships

Celia Slattery has had a storied career of mixing music and monologue into exuberantly theatrical form. Shaun McNamara, Metronome Magazine

With my background in theater, I love to tell stories through the songs, and also between the songs.

I am fascinated by the rich cultural heritage of our country and how our shared social and historical life influences our music and vice versa. That led me to create First Ladies of Jazz and Pop, which also gives me the chance to interpret some of my favorite songs in the genres of jazz, folk, rock and more – including music by Billie Holiday, Etta James, Carole King and Joni Mitchell, to name a few.

The show highlights the contributions of some of the greatest female singers and songwriters of the 20th century. It is a flexible 1 – 1 ½ hour performance that can be adapted to the venue and audience.

Celia Slattery & Friends

Concerts: jazz, pop, folk/rock and originals

Clubs, Arts Centers, Universities

Depending upon the venue, I can bring anywhere between one and four or more “friends.”  This back-up includes some of the best musicians in the Boston area, including Mark Shilansky on piano, Greg Holt on bass, Dave Mattacks on drums and Steve Kirby on guitar. (Depending upon availability – the exact line-up may vary).  With a large genre-spanning list of songs to draw from, we tailor the repertoire to the venue, audience and length of the concert.

Special Events

Corporate Parties, Conferences, Anniversaries, Holiday Parties, etc.

Even with our overwhelming numbers you managed to successfully entertain this crowd and produce a very positive element to the evening. You added a lot to this celebration.  Clive Beasley, Executive Director, Horizons for Youth

The big difference between a concert and event performance is the importance of focusing the music on the occasion so that it enhances the ambiance, the feeling the audience shares. While it might be appropriate for some events to keep the mood light and upbeat, it’s never “just entertainment.” I work closely with event planners to make sure the song list is right (including learning special songs when necessary); and am happy to emcee the evening and lead toasts.


Conferences, Performing Arts Centers, Schools

I can combine performances with one-day or multiple workshops.  Workshops are individually tailored to the venue and participants and can focus on any of the following topics:

Using Your Voice for Power and Effectiveness

It’s not just musical performers who need to use their voices effectively, to project without strain, and give expression and emotion to what they’re saying.  In today’s market everyone needs to be speaking – on or off camera.  Whether you are the CEO, or a Solo-preneur, in today’s marketing environment you are now the voice of your business.

My “Voice for Speakers” workshop includes mini-lectures, group exercises and individual coaching to:

  • Build vocal stamina so you can project without getting tired
  • Become a more expressive speaker
  • Learn to connect with your audience
  • Develop greater “stage presence”
  • Improve nonverbal communication
  • Manage stage-fright

The Whole Singer ™Workshop

This workshop puts together all the technical and artistic elements that make for great singing in contemporary styles. Through group exercises, demonstrations and individual coaching, each participant will:

  • Learn how functional voice technique can increase range, flexibility and stamina
  • Understand the difference between “mix” and “belt” and how to use vocal production appropriate to the musical genre
  • Discover how to bring a unique style and interpretation to each song
  • Become a more expressive performer

Musical Theater Workshop

This hands-on group workshop introduces participants to strategies that will prepare them for successful auditions and musical theater performances including:

  • Vocal Considerations: how to choose songs, keys and styles that show you off to best advantage.
  • Repertoire: find out what you should include in your “book.”
  • Acting the Song: choose a strong intention for your piece and how to best convey that to your audience.
  • Working with an accompanist: let your pianist help you.
  • Stage presence: become comfortable with your nonverbal communication and learn how to deal effectively with stage fright.