Performing Arts Centers, Festivals, Colleges, Clubs

Celia’s original music weaves elements of jazz, pop and folk/rock with perceptive lyrics inspired by artists like Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen. The songs touch upon themes ranging from love to social justice.  Celia also covers music by everyone from Ella to Adele. In performance, she provides context for the songs with stories and humor.

Celia is also currently offering a show called First Ladies of Jazz and Pop, which highlights the contributions to music and society of American women from birth of the blues up to the present.

Celia’s backup can range from a duo with accompanist (recommended for intimate venues) to a four-piece band with keyboard, bass, drums, guitar (for larger venues).

Celia’s past performances include major clubs, performing arts centers, colleges and festivals throughout the United States and abroad.

In conjunction with concert appearances, Celia offers workshops and residencies with master classes in vocal technique and performance.

Celia’s music was great to listen to and a refreshing choice for the Somerville Public Library.
— Ramo Imperioso, SPL staff

Conferences, Benefit Performances

Celia’s music provides a good tie-in with groups with a progressive agenda, including women’s groups. She has performed on behalf of relief efforts such as Oxfam and the New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund, and has given benefit concerts at homeless shelters.


Performing Arts Centers, Schools, Colleges, Senior Centers

Workshops are adapted your particular needs and schedule.  Samples of workshops include:

(*Contemporary Commercial Music: ie, Jazz, Pop, Folk, Rock, Musical Theater, Cabaret)

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

For singers with some experience, and classically-trained singers interested in crossover techniques. Also of interest to students and staff in Music and Theater departments.

While drawing upon classical training, singing in popular styles requires a different approach to technique and has unique stylistic considerations for each genre. This is an opportunity to work on different aspects of contemporary singing, including:

  • Vocal Technique: (utilizing Somatic Voiceworktm the Lovetri Method). Learn how to produce an authentic, healthy tone appropriate for contemporary genres.  Learn the difference between “mix” and “belt” and how to belt safely.
  • Style and Interpretation: learn styles appropriate to popular musical genres, and become a more expressive performer.

Level: Beginning – Advanced

For Actors who want to sing, Singers who want to act, and students and staff in Music and Theatre departments.

This hands-on group workshop introduces students to strategies that will prepare them for successful auditions and musical theatre performances including:

  • Vocal Considerations: how to choose songs, keys and styles that show you off to best advantage.
  • Repertoire: find out what you should include in your “book.”
  • Acting the Song: choose a strong intention for your piece and how to best convey that to your audience.
  • Working with an accompanist: let your pianist help you.
  • Stage presence: become comfortable with your nonverbal communication and learn how to deal effectively with stage fright.