How I Spent my Summer Vacation

There is no road map, no GPS for the creative process.  Sometimes all you have is your North Star. You can picture your destination, and know the general direction, but you don’t know all the steps you will need to take.  But at some point you know you have to just start moving or you’ll […]



Listen to the short video and find out more at my RocketHub site! Over the last five years since I released my last CD I’ve been writing new songs that speak to themes that are important to me: like family, struggling to make a difference in the world, and the kind of love that is […]

Perseverance – Weathering the Storm

Perseverance – Weathering the Storm

I recently returned from a six-day camping and canoeing trip near Canyonlands National Park in Utah.  We paddled downstream on the Green River, past soaring red rock buttes and camped in remote canyons.   Now, I had done a fair amount of “roughing it” in my twenties and thirties but in recent years have enjoyed […]

R.I.P. Richie Havens

R.I.P. Richie Havens

The African-American folk-singer came to fame with his iconic performance of  Freedom – riffing on the song “Motherless Child” at Woodstock (in part because he had been playing for more than two hours to fill in and had run out of songs!). Speaking to WBUR’s Tom Ashcroft in 2005, Richie said I have been inspired […]

“They picked the wrong city”

  Whoever planted the bombs picked the wrong city if they were trying to kill a lot of people, said Dr. Ron Medzon, one of the ER doctors at Boston Medical Center responsible for saving many lives on Monday.  From the nurses and doctors who were tending blisters and dehydration before their first aid station […]

New Summer Concerts added!

Celia will be performing in Sam Adams Park in Boston’s historic Faneuil Hall as part of the Concerts on the Arcade summer series sponsored by Boston City Hall.  The concert is free and will be held on Friday August 9 4-6 pm.  Jane Potter on Piano, Thomas Hebb on Bass and drummer TBA. Celia will […]

Celia to host Open Mic series at Somerville Armory

Celia will be hosting a New Open Mic series at the Somerville Armory, with accompanist Bill Duffy.  The Open Mic is for vocalists in all styles: jazz, pop, musical theater, singer-songwriter, etc.  Feel free to bring your own instrument, as well.  The first session will be Tuesday, May 14, with subsequent sessions to be on […]

Boston Jazz Week Concert 4/26

Jazz Week, a collaborative, decentralized celebration of the music by the entire Greater Boston jazz community, returns this spring for the seventh consecutive year from April 26th through May 5th. The theme for the 10-day event, which is coordinated and promoted by JazzBoston, is Jazz is in the house! In keeping with the theme, Celia […]

Remember Grenada?

Last week we played a little hooky and took off on a short Caribbean vacation.  We chose the island of Grenada for its abundance of natural beauty and its scarcity of shopping malls and casinos.   I had a vague recollection we had invaded Grenada way back in the Reagan administration, but I had no […]