Music Biz Bootcamp

  • Does your career feel stuck?
  • Have you been experiencing “failure to launch?”
  • Do you have some big dreams, but don’t know how to accomplish them?

Get ready for “lift off.”  In this intensive bootcamp, you’ll get the knowledge, support and accountability you need to turn your dreams into reality.


In the six week bootcamp you’ll receive a written booklet with five content modules and homework to do.  The modules cover:

    1. Vision and Goals. Work backwards from where you want to be to set achievable goals.
    2. Know Yourself.  Define your genre and niche audience, be prepared to present yourself and your music to the world.  Target weaknesses that you need to overcome.
    3. Tools of the Trade. Discover what you need to promote yourself.  Get an assessment of  current online or print promo materials, and make a plan to create or improve what you have.
    4. Build Your Fan Base. How to use online and in-person networking to create an audience and/or customers for your music.
    5. Booking 101. How to research, approach and negotiate with venues, plus strategies for booking tours.

In the sixth week we’ll look at the progress you have made, re-evaluate your goals and design strategies and tactics for moving forward.


You’ll receive individualized feedback on your homework, via email.


You will have a weekly scheduled phone call for questions and to keep you on track.

The Bootcamp starts as soon as you register!

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