Why Sing?

WhyCelia Singing sing? Is it for the excitement of getting up on stage with a band in front of an audience? Of course that is a thrill, but there is so much more. I believe we should be aware of how powerful an impact our voices can have, so that we can consciously use them for good.

Our voices are channels for expression: through them we release tears of sorrow, laugh with joy and scream with rage.  We use words to soothe and comfort, to tell someone we love them.

Our voices can unite people and speak truth to power.  During the civil rights and the peace movements, songs like We Shall Overcome and words like I Have a Dream inspired people to face dogs and hoses, to march and ultimately, to change history.

Our voices can also create sounds of sheer beauty that help listeners transcend the mundane and painful experiences of life and feel joy, love, peace.

I believe that everyone has a story to tell, a unique set of experiences that has shaped them and something important to share through their voices, whatever medium of expression they choose.

Why do you sing?

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