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Why Sing?

Why sing? Is it for the excitement of getting up on stage with a band in front of an audience? Of course that is a thrill, but there is so much more. I believe we should be aware of how powerful an impact our voices can have, so that we can consciously use them for […]

Why learn voice technique?

Why study voice technique? Have you ever had a dessert that was all sickly sweet frosting and no cake? That’s what it’s like to listen to someone who is pouring their heart out on stage but hasn’t mastered the fundamentals: in other words, has bad pitch, an unpleasant tone, missed or cracked notes. That’s one […]

Breathe Better – Sing Better

Breathe Better – Sing Better

There are few topics with more confusing messages and myths then the subject of breath support for singers.  Let’s try to clear up a few of them, and then look at some simple techniques you can practice to begin to get better support. Myth #1: All you have to do to sing better is to […]