Remember Grenada?

Last week we played a little hooky and took off on a short Caribbean vacation.  We chose the island of Grenada for its abundance of natural beauty and its scarcity of shopping malls and casinos.  

I had a vague recollection we had invaded Grenada way back in the Reagan administration, but I had no idea why.   Where was I and how did I miss that? So I decided to do a little research..….

It turns out Operation “Urgent Fury” (1983) was triggered by a bloody coup and fear of a creeping Cuban-style communism.  The invasion was welcomed by some Grenadians but also led to worldwide condemnation and charges of imperialism.  70 Cubans, 42 Americans, and 170 Grenadians were killed in the attack.  

In any case, the Grenadian people seem to have forgiven us.  They were warm and welcoming, and they’re also very politically involved!  They’re having national elections this week and people were talking about little else.  

Returning to the capital, St. George, by ferry from the small island of Cariacou, we ran into a huge demonstration with hundreds of green-shirted supporters of the popular opposition party – the NNP.  They were dancing and chanting to loud piped-in reggae music, causing a huge traffic jam in the port.  Our taxi driver was having trouble getting through, but he gamely changed into his own green t-shirt, flashed the victory sign, and people began to make a path for us.

I wish we could import that kind of enthusiasm for our political process! It has inspired me to get more involved, something I’ve been thinking about for a long time. I’ll be sharing about my experiences in my blog, so stay tuned!

We had the chance to hear a little live music while we were there, too.  One of the nights on Cariacou, we heard a local reggae band playing right on the beach.  We danced the night away, barefoot in the sand.  It was the perfect way to spend Valentine’s.

Update: The NNP won in a landslide victory.  People do have the power to effect change!


  1. Barbra Dale Solomon :

    It’s always been about “Power to the People”…
    But somehow since Eisenhower,we the people
    have lost it– little by little >> all over the world.

    Power to the Women of the World!

  2. I loved my time on Grenada and carricou very much. I stayed at silver beach resort and walked to town every morning to get fresh hit bread, while cursing the bread here in the US, then I would go to the beach by the airport and play chess with the t-shirt guy, he beat me soundly.

  3. I wish there was a like button. Love the story thanks for sharing.

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